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Shim Marom

Hi Pat, thanks for taking part in the #pmFlashBlog initiative.

As I make my way through the 69 published posts I try and find the gem in each, that piece of advice or observation worth taking home.

The 'gem' in your post is here:

"Some would say I’m a project manager because I am a boring individual. Ex-soldier, engineer, and project manager; how boring can you get? I prefer to believe that the common thread between soldiers, engineers, and project manager is that they are mission oriented people. We deliver something that has not been delivered before while trying to be on time and controlling cost."

Project management, unlike the entertainment industry (or perhaps also politics) is about getting things done. It is not necessarily sexy or exciting but it is about understanding the mission and heading in the right direction to reach the destination.

Well said mate.

Cheers, Shim.

Patrick Richard


Thanks for making the #pmFlashBlog initiative a success.

If sexiness was a prerequisite for project management, I'd be in deep trouble.


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