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Shim Marom

Pat, it might sound harsh, but viewing this from 'down under' it seems to represent the world wide drive, born and nurtured by North American (primarily USA) attitude whereby the end justifies the means and human values take a back seat. You don't have to search far, just look at the quality TV streaming out of the US, like the Apprentice and other similar reality shows, and the seeds of this attitude are not difficult to identify.

Patrick Richard


Thanks for the comments. I sure hope that we are not going to all live a reality show life although it may seem that way at times.

The case discussed in the article centers around greed and, at some level, around miscommunications.

Some of the pain appears self inflicted but the response was out of proportion with the offense. I would think anyone that read the article would have serious misgivings working for that company.


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